Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Each person has the right to a good education, even if it’s from the parents or from the government. But first, what is education? According to the dictionary, education is “ the acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar institution.” In my opinion, the parents play an important role when they have to educate their children. They shouldn't spoil their children because they can do whatever they want. Also parents shouldn't be too pushy because the child can feel very stress and quit what he was doing. On the other hand, the government also plays an important role. They must give enough money to build a lot of schools so each person can have an education.

In my opinion schools must be strict. Teachers have to teach the students not only the main subjects, also different kinds of disciplines and good manners. Other school subjects that must be taught to the students are sexual education, racism and different issues so students can distinguish between wrong and right. Each student should wear a uniform because it teaches them dicipline and it also gives a good image to the school.

Education it’s not as simple as everyone thinks. Sometimes students just don’t want other people to teach them and that’s when the real problem begins because you have to find another way to teach good manners and disciplines. It’s hard but every school must find the way to do it and try to make it possible because children are the future.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As we all know, courage is the ability to confront danger, fear, risk or difficult situations. On the other hand, silliness is when we act on a stupid way. In this case it is when someone reacts or respond in a very stupid way because of something that has happened. I will show you why and at the end, you decide if it is COURAGE or SILLINESS.

This really happened to my grand mother, Juanita...

One day she was walking to the supermarket to buy some food. When she arrived to the market, she realized that there was a guy on a motorcycle near of her. The guy made a kind of signal so she thought that he was lost and needed help. She went where the guy was standing and she asked him if he needed help. The guy was a thief!! He put his hand under his shirt trying to show like if he had a gun. He told my grand mother “Give me your purse and your neckless” but she answered “I’m not going to give you anything” and he told her “give it to me now or I’ll kill you” I don’t know why she started yelling “HELP, HELP!” and she told him “shoot me if you want! Shoot me if you have balls! Shoot if you are a real man!” The people who were near started looking at her. The thief noticed that many people were staring at him so he grabbed his motorcycle and ran away... And my grand mother kept her purse and her neckless.

I don’t know if she showed courage or not, but in my opinion it was the craziest thing in the world because the thief could have shot her if he had had a real gun.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I think manners are very important to know. Parents should give their children a good education so they can learn good manners since they’re young. Each person needs to be at least a little polite so they can create a good impression .But not too much because it might be considered over the top.
I think that there are many right things we have to do to be polite enough. It’s very good manner if you give up your sit for elderly people. Always use please if you ask someone’s help. Or, use thanks when someone make you a favor. Also, it creates a good impression if you open the door for a woman. Another thing you have to do is being polite while you are eating, and behave yourself. There are lots of good manners people should know to show politeness but sometimes, many people don’t have the education they need to change their attitude.
There are several behavior and several bad manners that infuriate me. I really hate when people cough or sneeze without putting their hands over their mouth. It’s so unhygienic. Another bad manner I considered unacceptable is when people speak with their mouth full. I think it’s very impolite. The thing I really hate it’s when people smoke while I’m eating. It really makes me angry. And, I feel that the other person isn;t showing respect for the others. This kind of behavior infuriates me because sometimes I can feel offense by the others.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last year I went to Bryan Adams concert in Venezuela. It was one of the greatest concert I've ever been.
I was near of the stage so I had a great view. The concert started one hour late so the crowed was impatient. When Bryan Adams finally showed up the applauses were deafening.
He launched into "Summer of 69" so the crowed went wild. After 4 or 5 rock songs when the people were excited, he slowed things down with "Heaven". So, the atmosphere changed. He sang 3 love songs wich wasn't on the album but the people didn't mind.
After a break, Bryan Adams said that he needed one person to join him in the stage and sing with him. He choosed a girl so she went in the stage. He started playing "18 till I die" and the girl started singin with him. After he sang another 4 songs, he left the stage. The people was so excited that started screaming "ONE MORE SONG!" "ONE MORE SONG!" After 3 minutes, Bryan Adams appeared on the stage and sang the last song. He left the stage and a lot of fire work started strike in the sky. It was amazing. I will never forget that concert.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Venezuela vs Vancouver

In both countries, Venezuela and Vancouver, you can find a lot of different cultures, and a lot of tourism. You can find people from all over the world which is a positive point because it helps to improve the economy of the country and also you can get to know other types of food, music, religion and cultures. One difference between Vancouver and Venezuela is that here in Vancouver you can find more Asian people and culture than in Venezuela. Also a point in favor could be that other cultures from other countries are more identified than in Venezuela, it means that you can see all the traditions and all the typical things from that country. But this fact also has a negative consequence because the Canadian culture is losing importance or the people from the other countries are more interested in their own cultures than Canadian. Another good merit could also be that in Vancouver the English language avoids clash in cultures because everyone knows how to communicate.

In my opinion in the last 10-15 years globalization had changed my hometown bringing different types of foods, music, politics and cultures. An advantage could be that people will get to know other cultures from other countries and many different opinions can be shared. A negative point might be that the immigration will cause overpopulation. Also investors from other countries do business, and without knowing destroy Venezuelan culture and Venezuelan property. It could also be a positive point because the economy will boost.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Challenge in Vanvouver

I think that the challenge I’ve had experience in Vancouver was after my first day in Tamwood when I had to go back to my home-stay. I remember that I took the sky train and got off at main street station as I was suppose to do. Then I knew that I had to take the 19 Metrotown bus because my home-stay mother told me that it was the fastest way to go back. So, I waited until the bus arrived, I got inside and waited like 15 minutes but then I realized that I didn´t know where I was supposed to get off. Without knowing where I was, I got off the bus and tried to remember the place or the street that should lead me to the house. It was clear that I couldn´t find it so I walked around 45 minutes. Almost desperate I went to a store and asked a man where the 3888 glen drive was. I think that he didn´t know where the area was but I remember that he told me that the glen street was two blocks from there so I went to that place. When I arrived everything was so clear, I could remember where my home-stay was because there is a Chinese restaurant and a car rental. When I arrived to my home-stay they asked me what happened to me so I explained them the whole thing and they just laughed at me. it was embarrassing but a very funny expirence.